How to make money from own Video Website???

April 11, 2012 12:39pm CST
Hey friends again I need your precious suggestion , I am planning to create own Video website where I will upload latest TV shows and Movies now question is that How I will make money from our website , I know that ad revenue program where ads will be displaying around Videos and if some one will click on it then only I will get money but I dont like this program because people rarely click on ads I know it . well I heard that Many website owner earns money if people will watch Videos on their website so how does it possible and what to do for that program ? and I heard CPA lead program so how I will use CPA lead program with my website to make money plz help
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@anujain75 (1059)
• India
12 Apr 12
you need to optimize your site first.You need to target relevant Key words so that you will get enough visitor. Most of the these people use black hat or grey hat method.these are risky method but still affiliate guys love the method for faster indexing. Next you need to sign CPAlead and after approval you have to use there content blocking widget.It will block your website content. After taking surveys or submitting their email id user can view the content and you will get money
@fergus (817)
• Ireland
12 Apr 12
Hi SACHIN2708, Its great that your starting your own website but you should be very carefull about copyright laws as your website won,t last long. And now thats out of the way i will add you as a friend and you can send me the name of your website so i can watch some movies thank you.
11 Apr 12
I don't think this question will last long and most likely will get deleted due to you asking about earning money from something that is illegal.