A 7 yr old boy killed through gun shot by a playmate.

@ardoy0731 (7308)
April 12, 2012 7:37am CST
I went home early tonight so I have a chance to watch few news on TV. What caught my attention was a news about a 7 year ild boy killed through a gun shot by a 10 year old neighbor and playmate. Based on the news and some witness in the neighbor, the two kids were playing and have an arguement, you know kids arguements about small things that usually happen to kids while playing, when the alleged suspect when to their house. The neighbors who happened to be on the street at that time just saw the kid victim suddenly fell down and bloods already flowing. The seven year old kid eventually died tvthe moment,the witnesses thought that it was just a gun shot from nowhere. Then the ten year old kid ame out in their house who look so paled when a neighbor ask if what wrong cause he looked paled. The kid said that he dont have a gun and he never used a gun. When they reported it to the police, the police immediately went to the crime scene to investigate and even in the house of the alleged suspect, they are already gone with his grandpa. It is really a sad news and what keeps on me thingking about was why is there a gun in their house and how do the kid know about the gun and how to used it.It so sad to hear and watch crime news like this where kids are involve.
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• India
27 Jul 12
Our children are exposed to violence from the point when they are able to make sense of things around them. With the violent cartoons and video games on the internet and game arcades, why would anyone keep a weapon in the house thinking that their child won’t know how to use it? Clearly guardians need to draw a clear line when it comes to violence and children.