You share something with someone. Someone broke it and they said it was you?

April 16, 2012 11:13pm CST
For example, you share a machine, an instrument, or something else with some people. From the begining, you found there was something wrong with the machine. You said nothing but repaired it yourself every time. It had been in the terrible situation for a long time, you put out with it. Then, someday, the guy who shared the machine with you said it was not working and blamed you for breaking it. You asked the guy wheather he found there was a problem long long ago. He said he just found it was bad just now. So, it would be your fault. Have you ever experienced that?
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17 Apr 12
I dislike it if someone accused me of doing something I didn't. in your situation,I understand that you're annoyed, I maybe felt the same way if I am on your situation. better if you told that blamer what happened and if he didn't believe you,just let him, at least you know and God knows the truth.
@megamatt (14310)
• United States
17 Apr 12
Yeah that's why I never lend my personal possessions to people to be honest with you. If they get broken, then if I have it, then I know it will be my fault. Granted, that's not a bad thing but at least I know what really happened. When I lend someone something, you never really know if you are going to get it back much less in the condition that you are going to get it back right in. Of course, the other person will never accept the blame. It was always like this. It is just common nature to really say something like that. There are just going to be times where this leads to problems. Lending anything to anyone can be more headaches than it is worth from where I stand. You never really just never know what is just going to happen to it. Therefore, be careful what you do with your things and who you learn it from. This is the lesson that I learned the hard way.
@jaiho2009 (39182)
• Philippines
17 Apr 12
I don't share machine or any instrument with other person. But I do have experience with people who borrow things and broke or destroyed it unintentionally. I am very meticulous when it comes to my things that sometimes people may find me selfish for not allowing them to use or borrow my things. For your topic, that would be depressing situation when someone pointed finger at me for things I've never done- but things actually goes wrong beyond our control.
@Mashnn (4502)
17 Apr 12
I have not experienced such blame in recent years but I remember sometimes back when someone blamed me for something that I had not done. It is usually very annoying and I just do not get it why people behave like this.