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United States
April 17, 2012 1:42pm CST
Lately I have been battling my feelings ..I am a kind heart person ..If I have,you have and thats just how I was raised. I know I cant live in this world not needing people but lately I have been trying to do it and it's hard. When someone ask me for something I do it , when I ask someone for a simple thing they make excuses for why they cant do it..I cryed my eyes out this morning thinking about how people are ! My friends have gone and came in my life...Friends and enemies now a days I cant tell a difference..People want you to do so good in life but arent there to help or support you.. When they have nothing they are always looking for this or that ..but when I am looking for help it is no where to be found. I have this one guy friend who is a sweetheart , he makes a way out of no one for me and thats a good friend...I just need some positive people around me ..Someone who is willing to love me, accept me and be my friend no matter what ..we are human , we make mistakes no one is perfect ..so why do people act like they have it and they dont ? ughh !!! im tired !!!!!!!
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@almond24 (1248)
• Hungary
18 Apr 12
We have to learn how to say no... I know I was always kind to everyone, but when I needed others, they left me alone. I thought I had love and friends but when I needed them the most, they were not there for me - but when I refuse to help with something, I'm the bad one. We shouldn't let ourselves be used! In the most difficult and most important moments of my life I'm always alone, I had to accept that. But I also noticed that my true friends are those people that I sometimes don't even notice. They are silent but somehow they appear when I'm alone, they listen and don't judge. I wish I cared more about them when I was busy getting in troubles with those who don't care about me. But I'm sure there are such friends or everyone.
@obe212003 (2299)
• Philippines
18 Apr 12
Friends come and go, with different coats being real or not, but the better option is the ability to assess one when you have one, and being able to adapt accordingly. Real friends are hard to come by, and hopefully in our lifetime, we would find one.
@5mahi05 (666)
• India
18 Apr 12
Hello friend, at some point of time, most of everyone come across this situation in life. You post shows how loneliness is holding you so closely. Never forget that, loneliness is the best teacher and you learn a lot when you are made to be alone. I know it sucks to be like this because trust me, even i have gone through this. But the best thing is, in the near future when everything goes well, you will surely have a mature mind to accept the world the way it is and you will smile at the same people about whom you wonder why they are doing this to me! This is all a part and parcel of life. These are those times of our life which will show us who the real one's are and the who are there just for the sake of it! All you have to do is, do not think too much about this. All these times will pass by and for sure you will be walking out of this. You will forget the pain that you are going through now. But at the same time, never forget the experience you gained in this time. It will help you to not break down the next time something like this happens to you! I hope nothing like that happens, but you never know! Juts smile at everything and accept the world as it is, you will find peace for yourself.
• Philippines
18 Apr 12
Hello there. We have the same sentiments. I deeply treasure people that are so dear to me. Whenever they need something from me, without any doubt, I would give it. I even sacrificed for them.I, too, really get emotional if I feel I'm not valued by someone. When I need them and they cannot be with me, I get hurt easily. I would cry too. Maybe the reason why it's because we expect them to be like us. We tend to think that they would also do and feel the same. Sadly, people are just different. We just have to maybe accept that some things cannot be changed, and so are people.