April 17, 2012 2:02pm CST
hello friends.... I am a new user of mylot.com here......i am in need of money....... how can we earn faster in mylot.com please help me...
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@nezavisima (7408)
• Bulgaria
17 Apr 12
hello welcome here. I'm glad that you found this site. want to win quickly. first thing we need to make to read carefully all the conditions and guidelines for use then write ismisleni quality stuff. to be active and be yourself. and if you keep all that success will come by itself. Success.
• India
19 Apr 12
thakzz for the info friend.....happy mylotting.
@pelobux (51)
18 Apr 12
Just be active on mylot, and the money will flood in by itself, and remember to not spam, but make quality post. The more you are active, the more will you earn, it is that simple. Good luck on mylot my friend.
@mysdianait (66009)
• Italy
17 Apr 12
These days everyone is in need of money, some more and some less than others. MyLot, however, is not a bank, it is not a get-rich-quick site either. It will reward you for your particpation, for using the search, for completing tasks too but it is up to YOU to know what to do and how to do it. Don't expect to earn enough to pay your bills but you would earn enough to cover something extra that you can't afford with your offline earnings. MyLot give us the instructions here: http://www.mylot.com/o/mylot.aspx Go and read them and then look for other topics (mostly in this interest) where tips and advice abound. Welcome aboard!
@indahfth (11161)
• Indonesia
18 Apr 12
Everyone needs money. I also need a lot of money. But, MyLot is not the right site to make money a lot. MyLot not a moneymaker. You only need to be active at MyLot, and do anything in MyLot with quality. MyLot pays what we do.