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April 21, 2012 7:09am CST
I have been a member of Jingit since it began. But now since they changed their format, I have been earning less money through them. I have logged on several times and still no ads, videos, etc. I am beginning to wonder if they are turning into a scam company. Has anyone else experienced this, if so please share! Or are they not just getting the ads? Please share your thoughts on this site.
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@McCreeper (779)
• United States
15 May 12
Have you tried using the Jingit Check-In app? If you haven't, then you should probably try it out. For the most part however, if you don't have a smart phone, much like (probably) a lot of people in this community, I recommend trying out these links; they are the sites with the Jingit Curl-on, which allow you to answer a couple of questions to earn more money. MiO - https://www.jingit.com/home/kraft/brand/mio/ Jello - https://www.jingit.com/home/kraft/brand/jell-o/ Planters - https://www.jingit.com/home/kraft/brand/planters/ Funny or Die - http//demo.jingit.com/funny-or/die/?xid=wJZSugwl62yOXC20Uh0bAVDZUkzmP0VTWs&3AyE0&cid=862%pid=10707&nid=19 (ugh, I had to type the entire URL down :c)