@Adornado (103)
April 21, 2012 6:34pm CST
Anyone here in mylot had tried, for me it is site that automatically gives you a downline for just 69 dollars and guarantees you a minimum earning of 2 dollars per day for 1 year.
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• India
22 Apr 12
Hello friend, It is a scam site. So don't waste your time here. Have a nice day.
@petersum (4524)
• United States
22 Apr 12
It is a scam. A rather poor ponzi scheme to be precise. Although it does have extensive marketing - do a search for "safemula scam" and see how many sites say "no it's not a scam" etc. all in exactly the same words! That itself is a good indication of a scam site.
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@varier (5692)
• Indonesia
25 Apr 12
It just another Ponzi Scheme site.. You might earn from it, and with the same probability (even greater) you might loss all of your money. Oh wait, I don't even ever see any payment proofs, so I don't really know if they're paying or not. And I don't really like Ponzi Scheme. Even if I am not being scammed, they will scam someone else for sure. It is like I am scamming another people indirectly. ~.~
@ottona (141)
• China
22 Apr 12
It is rare that a site offering those kinds of returns last long. It will be a scam shortly almost for sure.
@abhi_bangal (3686)
• India
22 Apr 12
Looks lucrative but is it safe? I have been hearing a lot of this site. But will they pay $730 a year by just accepting $69 from you? Doesn't this itself look doubtful? While other friends have already given their verdict.
@NailTech (6882)
• United States
21 Apr 12
Not heard of that one, let me know what you find out. It sounds too good to be true so far. ???