How to recieve anonymous payment/money?

@cashnono (1135)
Hong Kong
April 22, 2012 9:20am CST
Hello! I want to make some money online and stay anonymously, I do not mean and do not want to do something illegal, but receiving money anonymously. But I do not know how to get it done? For example can I set up a fake LibertyReserve or PayPal account? If it is possible, then how can I get the money? With a Libertyreserve prepaid card? But this will not work cause they send the card to the fake address ... Is there a way to receive the payment/money anonymously? I own some websites as well, and I want to make money with them, but I do not know exactly how to receive payment/money anonymously? Ok, there would be a way to get an offshore bank account or an offshore company, but they are often not reliable or too expensive! Can I use the websites too, to receive the money trough LibertyReserve or PayPal, but how? Any one have experience in doing so? Please help me. Greetings!!!
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