Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe ) revealed that he will soon be writing a novel

@Jenaisle (3803)
April 24, 2012 1:17am CST
What do you think? Would you buy his book just like you did J.K. Rowling's book? Would you buy even if reviews of the book are bad?
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@syramoon (654)
• United States
16 May 12
I wouldn't buy his books just because he's a good actor. I may be a decent writer of short stories, but that doesn't mean I'd be great on the silver screen. Now if it was interesting, or I flipped through it and thought I'd enjoy it, then I'd buy it. But just because it's written by a person who played in my favorite movies, no. I'm not that much of a fan girl.
@KingEric (80)
• Philippines
14 May 12
I think I would give it a shot. I prefer not reading the reviews about the book so as my mind would not be misled. It's not because he's an actor then he won't be a great author. I choose not to judge the person. He might have a better future in writing than acting. Anything's possible. Let's see.
@lady1993 (21826)
• Philippines
12 May 12
That is good news, I would check out the book if it was released and see if the story will interest me. The reviews are important to- i wouldn't just buy the boo because he wrote it.. It should be worth reading too.
@riempie9 (1026)
• South Africa
28 Apr 12
No, I would not buy Daniel Radcliffe's book. I am not and have not been a Harry Potter fan. Besides, what interest would I have in his writing? It would be predictable young actor writing. Reading a book on or by the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, for instance, or by Meryl Streep would be good, or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy where you have to watch more than the visuals but also the nuances. There was very little dialogue in the film and the film demanded your attention. The film wanted a conscious viewer, one who wanted a solid plot, and stellar performances.
@snrm007 (224)
• United States
26 Apr 12
The Harry Potter series is amazing but it really depends what his novel is going to be about. If it is about Harry Potter then I am interested but if its just something random then I don't really care. He is just an actor and is the face of Harry Potter, it doesn't make him automatically an amazing writer!
@jillhill (37379)
• United States
24 Apr 12
No.....I wouldn't buy it just because as I have to have a genuine interest in the book in the first place. I have never read the Harry Potter books and don't plan on it either.