Looking for some advice on getting clicks on a referral...

April 24, 2012 4:27pm CST
So I am a member of a psychic forum, they are running a competition - whoever gets the most new users, using their referral url gets to choose some goods from their online shop... I really want to be able to know how to get people to click on the referral and join - does anyone have any advice?
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@jureathome (5361)
• Philippines
26 Apr 12
If you have social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, where your friends can see you, you can add your referral links, there. I would assume you have friends who are in the same interest, so they may want to join and get something out of it, too. Unlike buying your referrals, wherein you may get people who are just on it for the monetary reward but not really going to get any use of the membership.
@luxlyangels (1286)
25 Apr 12
Just give them incentives. Some people have got a lot of readers to their blog so when they join a new program they invite them all and get lots of referal from there. For me am still thinking of how to get them. If you have a better and simplier idea you let me know Thanks and Happy mylotting
@momof3kids (1894)
• Singapore
24 Apr 12
Since this is a psychic forum, I think it is more difficult than getting referrals for mylot. Yours is what they would say a niche subject so I think what would be applicable is to attract people with what they could gain. If you want to cheat there are sign ups you can buy. I used to use http://microworkers.com/ to get sign ups. But if the charges go beyond what you want to spend on, then its not worth using this method. I think if I remember correctly microworkers charge USD$0.10 for each international member. For US members its more. But be forewarned, the members are not interested to participate, I think they like to be paid for 'microworking' only. If you want active members, I suggest you start a blog. You MUST put in an entry everyday and eventually when/if you gain readers who are interested in your niche, you can get them to join whatever that is you promote. This method may takes a few months or years though.
• United States
25 Apr 12
Well you can try joining other psychic forums and putting the link in your signature if they allow it. Also if you have twitter use hashtags and promote the link on there. Even give Facebook a try and look for pages where you think there will be people interested in the website and post on the page and include the link. Just don't make sure to post too much or they may think you are spamming. Maybe create an event on Facebook too and invite your friends and tell them to invite people.
• Philippines
25 Apr 12
The best way into luring people sign up under your referral is by giving them a reward. A mobile credit is good unless the prize for that forum is reasonable enough for you to also reward people just to win.