For Phils. Lotters: Any luck with and Remote Staff?

April 28, 2012 2:23am CST
Hi fellow Filipinos, have you tried applying for an online job at and remote staff? I've been sending resumes to a few posts at onlinejobs but only 1 came back and I didn't take it because I can't do the schedule required. From remote staff, I got no response at all. I'm pretty confident that I have a very good resume, in fact, I'm overqualified for most of those job posts - humility aside. But, I'm wondering why I haven't gotten any positive feedback from the employers. Is it really that hard to get a job from these sites? Anybody who has got in?
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• Philippines
28 Jul 12
Hi, maybe you can try O-desk.If you love to write, you can try I-writer.
• Philippines
2 Aug 12
Is it easy to get in on Odesk. I tried it before but no response on any available post. And, we had to read a very long set of guidelines. Have you tried it yourself?
@megh4u (372)
• Alpharetta, Georgia
1 May 12
I happens with me too a lot, but finally I got selected and get the job, all I want to say don't get disappoint just try hard and the time will come when you will think that all those effort was just a dream.
• Philippines
2 May 12
You mean you got a job with remote staff or onlinejobs? What type of job did you get? And how was it?
@jinky2012 (438)
• Philippines
28 Apr 12
hello my friend. I did not yet experienced applying to that site, Don't lost hope my friend just do it more, don't give up, maybe are just still busy with something. Just be positive of all things you will do
• Philippines
28 Apr 12
That's okay. I'm enjoying my time spent on myLot, anyway.