mosquitoes are the vampires in modern life

@esor50 (115)
April 30, 2012 11:58am CST
mosquitoes pisses me off! they bite and suck blood.the female mosquitoes are the ones that suck blood.while the male mosquitoes are satisfied sucking the plant juice.female mosquitoes suck blood to get their eggs hatched.they are indeed the vampires in our modern life! so let's fight them! swap them! spray repellants .
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• United States
30 Apr 12
I hate mosquitoes! I won't sleep with them in my room.
• United States
30 Apr 12
They say that this season of mosquitoes will be worst due to the mild winter we had.
@NailTech (6874)
• United States
30 Apr 12
Yes they are annoying little creature aren't they? I have been known to have to stay indoors rather than go out when I didn't have any spray or other tactics to use to avoid them. They say they won't bite hairy skin so if you're hairy and basically a male they won't bite as much. Then I have heard if your cholesterol is high they want your blood more than if a person's cholesterol level was fine. They are also attracted to either white or black colors, now I forgot which. I try to use my insect repellant/sun protection when I go out in order to have them stop sucking my blood. Also, try to dump containers of water that might be near you as skeeters love to breed in water, and hatch more eggs in those. Even tiny little puddles. They dislike various herb smells too, so if you look up on the internet about which ones they are it might come in handy. They don't care for things like Eucalyptus, orange peels and more.
@esor50 (115)
4 May 12
hi nailtech,mosquitoes like any dark colored places and objects especially the black color.
@lady1993 (27235)
• Philippines
19 Apr 13
YEs, i totally agree, those female mosquitoes are very scary and more dominant than men. they even pass lots of deadly diseases and it hurts too when they suck blood and they leave marks too. They should definitely be stopped but not to the brink of extinction.
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
10 Mar 13
yes that is true that they are the modern vampire because they love to suck blood from human,that is why i always spray in my room and other room of anti mosquito to kill them and lessen those blood sucker in the house because they can also harm you.
@kiiw013 (102)
• Slovenia
23 Oct 12
I totally agree with the "vampire" part. Yes, female mosquitoes are the only ones that suck blood. Well a bit of poison here and there gets rid of them.
@Janurmas (642)
• Indonesia
18 Jan 13
Yes, mosquitoes are the most dangerous creature. They are the cause of people got to be treated in hospital for a long time because those people got malaria. However, mosquitoes are the beneficial creature for a anti-mosquitoes company. The company will not able to make money if there is no mosquitoes, and there are thousands people will less job if there is no mosquitoes. Some people are not realizing that the creature that they hate is the creature that beneficial for them. They are anti-mosquitoes company's workers and doctors.
@doroffee (4223)
• Hungary
30 Apr 12
They are really annoying. I hate it when I try to look my best and enjoy a holiday, then thousands of mosquitoes bite me in the worst places possible (on my face, on my foot... I mean, once I couldn't even stand up without feeling itching and pain together, on my palms), they are itchy... and I hate the buzzinh sound, too, usually when I want to sleep, but all I hear is bzzzzz-bzzzz-bzzzzz inches from my ear.
@suni51 (3429)
• India
6 Jul 12
You said it, even vampires would spare you some times but not these mosquitoes. They are real sucker and suck whenever they feel like. They are mostly killing us slowly and if we are unlucky we would die even if they only take a single bite.
• Philippines
23 Jul 12
LOL. I agree! They are the modern day vampires! I hate mosquitoes. I even hate them more than I hate cockroaches and rats. What I do is I use creams and lotions that would help repel these insects. After that, I don't leave my door open so that there won't be any mosquitoes going in my room. Also, turn the air conditioner on. I have read in the internet that mosquitoes do not normally like the cold. So if it is cold, there is a chance that they might go away. happy mylotting.