Do you agree that friends could hurt you but strangers could not?

@Jenaisle (3803)
May 2, 2012 3:10am CST
Or is it the other way around? Then if your answer is friends could hurt you more,my related question would be If they are truly friends why would they hurt you? Just a thought that may help you classify who your friends really are.
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@mervyn07 (437)
• Singapore
4 May 12
I think it is ourselves that hurt us because we don't have the great heart to forgive others. We should let bad emotion pass and adapt the positive one fast
@viji_v2 (727)
• India
2 May 12
Both could hurt us or wont hurt us. It depends on what and how we take any situation. If we take something in the right sense we wont get hurt by anyone. It is all our mind and emotion works out these.
• Philippines
2 May 12
Well, there will still be times that our friends could hurt as intentionally or not. It's not a new experience for everyone to have a little or big fight with our own friends. Those conflicts also strengthens the friendship once it was overcome. There are times that your friends would fight for their belief which opposite with your own and eventually, you'd be hurting each other's feelings because you were insisting your own though. Classifying a friend to a be a 'true friend' cannot be done by just the rule of not hurting each other, there's more to it than that. I must also say that sometimes, our friends can hurt as deeper than strangers. It's because we know that our friend is aware what would hurts us the most but they still do and say things that could hurt us.
• Philippines
2 May 12
I agree with the first one who responded. I agree that both friends and strangers have the ability to hurt us BUT it is surely more painful if our friends hurt us than strangers. More emotionally painful. That is because we trust our friends that they will not hurt us so if they did, it will affect us emotionally. When strangers hurt us, we never trusted them at all so it is much bearable and understandable that strangers hurt us than when our friends did.
@shaqziad (655)
• Malaysia
2 May 12
Maybe you have not found a friend that hurt you. Or you deny someone as your friend the moment that person hurt you. I have friends that hurt me. We are best buddy for a year, then suddenly she started not hanging out with me anymore, without even telling me the reason. She just left without a word. I still consider her a friend, and have her in my FB list. Her action hurt me, but i still consider her a friend. But if a stranger hurt me, i'd care less.
@jaiho2009 (38990)
• Philippines
2 May 12
Why friends has the tendency to hurt us than those strangers? Isn't given? How can strangers hurt us emotionally when we do not have conystant communication with them. How can strangers hurt us when we only meet them once or in few occasion? Strangers can hurt is physically- particularly the bad ones. I assume you are speaking about relationship- hope I am right. So, I can't find a way how can a stranger hurt us. Friends can hurt us emotionally because we love them and we are emotionally attached to them. We cannot avoid any misunderstanding or petty quarrels with our friends. It's a part of it- and true friendship do not look at negative sides but see each other's shortcomings as challenge to make the relationship grow more stronger. Problems in friendship is to test the relationship and not to break it.