being pushed around

United States
May 3, 2012 1:03pm CST
I have been in manage for 3 months now and have had enjoyed being promoted not one bit! For those of you that hadn't read my last post then I give you a brief on what has been going on. It all started when the assistant got my store manager to quit. Everything just went down hill. At first I thought everything would be all peachy because she assumed that she would be the store manager and have me as her assistant. I was great at first until the third day, someone had to fill her head up! The third day she started writing long list of stuff that needed to be done, this didn't piss me off until it got constant and i noticed some of the stuff on the list she should have done before my shift i.e. take out the trash, scan in damages, catch up paper work and on top up that the usual recover the store, sweep and mop the floor, clean the restrooms and break room. And not to mention I had not received a raise at that time. Of course, I started to get furious I even threatened to give the keys back to the store that would have made her have to open and close the store everyday. She also made me close majority of the week and every weekend. After about a week of this crap, We finally got someone from another store to come in and help open and close our store, which didn't last too long because after I had sugergy on my scalp she told him she didn't need him any more and never told me about it. so I had to pull a double while my kids where at home scared because of the massive storms we had. And of course the would not let me close early trying to get every penny they possibly can. While he was working with us this gave me the chance to at least help put stock out. Little did I know my hard work got her a raise and she had the nerve to brag about it ( this did not get my raise)! So finally I was like no she is going to run this store by her self because I refuse to keep doing this s***. So I called her and told her we had to talk, she agreed she would come and talk to me, 15 minutes before she showed up the new store manager showed up. He saw the look on my face and asked what was wrong. I told him every thing and he told me that he was going to take care of all of that. The next week the new store manager started to get disrespected by her. He held a meeting and the whole time he was talking she was rolling her head and fixing his pants. She even started to open up 2 roll of dimes, nickels and pennies just to make my day horrible. She even went as far as locking the safe up leaving me unable to open the safe on my shift.So I decided to take things to the next level of management. Talk to our dm about the problem he said he would talk to her........I dont believe he did!!! Because she is still acting childish. Now... This girl is still working in our store, getting customer complaints about her attitude. the last past 2 saturdays she worked she left boxes behind the registers and in the stock room floor, thinking I was going to clean it up. I was fed up and said I;m not picking this up she know she was suppose to clean it up before she left. The next day the store manager had to open and saw the mess. He knew who did it and said he was going to talk to her about that. Yesterday she came in 30 minutes early for what I dont know. She called herself trying to be smart and take a cart full of items I was putting prices on and throw them into another cart, I hadn't even priced all the items. I called the store manager and asked him did he tell her to come in 30 minutes early. He said no and he would have to talk to her about that. I feel like they aren't doing anything about the situation and I want to know you guys opinion about this. Should I go over the dm's head or talk to him again which I know his words are going to be Ill talk to her again. what should I do if this happens to me again I don't want to lose my job and I was working at the store before she was. thanks for you advice in advance!
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