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The Sims - The Sims 1
May 4, 2012 12:29pm CST
I have a real problem here. I am so addicted to this silly game. I only have the first Sims game. I used to have The Sims 2 but then my computer died. So all I got is my old computer and the original game. Having said that I can still get free downloads and free hacks. I'm not sure what I love best, playing the game or collecting the free downloads. Does anyone else have an addiction to this game?
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@ShadowSky (221)
• Bulgaria
4 May 12
Ah,this brings memories! I remember when I first saw The Sims I practically lost my mind over it.I was a little kid then so this game amazed me.I remember it being really hard though because I didn't understand a word of English.I still believe that I learned most of the everyday activity verbs and the names of the furniture from this game.I don't play The Sims anymore but I do occasionally play Sims 3 and I still find it fun and this discussion reminds me of something my friend said to me a couple of days ago: "If you wonder why God is doing all those bad things to us you should just play the Sims and you'll know.."This was a joke,of course,but I was wondering...Do you agree?
5 May 12
yes I do agree with what your friend said, but I do try to be nice to my sims most of the time. Its amazing the things that you can learn through this game. I'm a very creative person so I love building houses and shops. It looks like The Sims 3 is a mixture of the first two games and then they went and made it even better.
• Bulgaria
6 May 12
I don't know if you've discovered custom content and mods yet but they give an entire new life to this game and allow you to REALLY get creative with your game especially if you like to build houses and make Sims. :)
7 May 12
No I haven't. Sounds interesting....could you tell me more?
• Sidoarjo, Indonesia
4 Jul 13
The first time when I play this game, I don't how to play my sims. Asking to my friends and cousins, and they explain to me how to play, and I was thought that the sims is a really creative game that I've ever know.
@silverfox09 (4724)
• United States
20 Aug 12
I would spend up to 8 hours playing this game , at that time I had to share my desktop computer with my cousin and we would take shift to play sims . I think this is one of the most addicted game and the only one I have ever been addicted to . I no longer have the sims 1 nor 2 . I have played them all and I am now playing sims 3 I am still addicted but now I have work and mylot and a blog, I play only on weekend now .
• United States
15 May 12
I was ADDICTED to the second game. (The one for PS2) My younger sister broke it by accident in our switching of bedrooms and I haven't played that one since. I used to play Sims 1 on PS2 before I sold them. (:
@fjclolazy (859)
• China
9 May 12
i have never heard the game before,maybe i'm in's not as popular as how's the game now?don't tell me u have uninstalled it.
@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
4 May 12
Well I only played the first one. I wasn't really addicted when I played it but it sure was a fun game for the time that I've played it.