DO you think that animals have to stay in the garden?

@codris (783)
May 7, 2012 12:32am CST
hi there people, i think that some kind of animals can live with us at home and others like big dogs have to stay in the garden. my gf thinks that all animals have to stay outside, but i think that cats can stay with us, they are clean and qiet and don't need a lot of attention. Do you think that all animals have to stay outside?
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@lady1993 (26941)
• Philippines
8 May 12
I am fine with animals living at home with me if they are just small and easy to carry around, like cats.. But I don't know how to deal with poop or hairball though. I think hamsters would be better since they have cages.
@stanley777 (9267)
• Philippines
7 May 12
I am not really sure about this, since some animals like cats and dogs can be clean, it really depends on the animal. Not all species of a certain animal can be clean, it depends on their upbringing..
@prashu228 (37124)
• India
7 May 12
i dont think so, i strongly feel that they should , stay with us , indoor...
• Hong Kong
7 May 12
i don't see why animals must stay outside. So long as your home is not too crowded for the animals and they are clean, there's no reason to block their way indoor. Does your gf think they are dirty or may care flea or is she afraid that animals may bring damages? like breaking things?