Things I need to make a Shih Tzu happy

May 11, 2012 5:24pm CST
Hi Guys! I am planning to buy a shih tzu. I want to ask you guys the things i should do? the stuff i should buy to make a shih tzu happy. Please help me! Thanks!
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• United States
12 May 12
I have a shih tzu mix. Dogs need: a dog bed, a good brand of dog food, a crate, collar, leash, training pads to potty train them, treats (be careful of the kind you buy, often treats can cause dogs to choke!) and a dog bed. Also fun things that dogs like are stuffed toys, tennis balls to chase (they have miniature ones for small dogs), something called a kong, which is a small rubber toy that you can stuff treats into. You'll also need to buy a nail clipper, because dogs need their nails clipped. Tooth brush, because dogs actually need their teeth cleaned. Owning a dog is like taking care of a child! You'll also need to take the dog to the vet, get it checked out and up to date on shots. Get a blood test and medication for the following parasites: fleas, ticks, and worms. This will all cost you several hundred dollars. In addition to this a blood test is needed, heartworm check, stool test, and ever few years teeth will need to be cleaned. Think carefully about buying a dog, they are fun to have, but it seriously is like taking care of a little child. And the cost of a dog really adds up. For example blood tests are usually at LEAST $50-100 dollars. The teeth cleaning alone starts at $300-600 depending on the type of dog.