How did you quit smoking?

May 13, 2012 7:55am CST
Hope there are some ex-smokers.
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@stealthy (8181)
• United States
13 May 12
By never starting. My mother smoked up until her cancer was diagnosed and that made her quit. I was long past the time when many take up smoking by then so it was not because she got sick that I never smoked. Not only that but I am old enough that very little if anything was being said about how bad smoking is for you when I was growing up. It just always seemed to me that drawing smoke from something that is burning into your lungs and body was not a good thing. Of course it helped that I was never one to give in to peer pressure. I have always starting at a young age been one who thought for himself.
• Romania
14 May 12
Did her cancer go away?
@deebomb (15304)
• United States
19 May 12
Hello viden and welcome to myLot. When I was a teenager about the time most kids try smoking I tried it too but didn't get any thing out of it. I was in my thirties when I started. It was to settle my nerves as I was going though a divorce at the time. I smoked up until Jan of this year. I had tried several times with chantex and other so called helps. The thing that finally helped was that I fell back in Jan and fracture my tail bone. I entered the hospital for three or four days. No smoking there. I was sent to a physical rehab center fore a good eight weeks. Guess what? no smoking there either. Now I live with two smokers and I do want one when I get frustrated but they tell me no. Really I'm glad they do. But then I rally don't want to start again. I think the hing for you to do if possible is spend as much time 9n no smoking area or zones as possible. Good luck..
@adhyz82 (36249)
• Indonesia
13 May 12
i ever smoke when iam in senior high school but now, i did not smoke thanks to God, iam not addicted of smoking..
@mikyung (2232)
• Philippines
14 May 12
I had been smoking for almost 5 years during my college years. I had given up smoking because I love my lungs and my loved ones. They say that giving up is not to late for those who are willing to quit. I avoided those things that triggers the urge to smoke - like "smoking" friends - at least only when they smoking. It is a choice if you are willing to give up and appreciate the benefits of not smoking."If others can, why can't you stop smoking" = this is my slogan.