Stubborn or persistence?

May 14, 2012 10:08am CST
Hi friends in Mylot, it has been several months since my last logging in. Actually, I'm occupied in preparation of the national post graduate entrance examination, which will begin in January next year. It's really important to me just like the GMAT to Americans. I see it as a turning point of my life if I succeed passing it. Therefore, I pay almost all my efforts preparing for it but thus I have to quit many specialized courses, which lands me on a edge of the failure of the final examination, though it may not affect direct the post graduate entrance examinaion, it means that I will lose my scholarships I have won for several times. My roomates have told me that it's not worthwhile to quit so much for the examination, I have to consider the possible failure. However, I really value it and know what persistence imply for the success. But sometimes, someone can say it's stubborn. I don't know whether I'm stubborn or not and what's the distinction between stubborn and persistence. Is it worthwhile doing it in such a way?
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@alutka (211)
14 May 12
I think sometimes it's worth taking a lot of the important sprawy.Czy is perseverance, if you are bullish, then it does not matter, important for you yourself know what you want, and want you to strive to set celu.Nie give up, keep my fingers crossed want you achieved this, what you want!
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@alberello (4752)
• Italy
14 May 12
If I can give you some friendly advice, I think now you should start to concentrate all your efforts in order to overcome this by a post-graduate. This is because the rumor "The important thing is not winning but taking part", really do not convinced anyone has ever! Now, speaking to us clearly what do you think that at this time is essential for you? One other thing, I sincerely and with all my heart I hope to pass this final test, but in case you should fail, I know, you despair, but you will certainly find the strength to make you new in life. my best wishes!
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