When do owners of swimming pools change the water? How many times?

@jennbart (1330)
May 15, 2012 10:16am CST
Iam just wondering how many times do owners of pool change the water? Sometimes, kids pee in them and its kind of gross if guests swims in the water with pee. Just a couple of hours, I went swimming on a condominium/ hotel and the water is already color yellow. I actually itched, so I had to go up and just change.
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• India
15 May 12
Here most of the pool owners used to change the water when the water seems to have little mistake in it. The mistake means when they have a colour change or when it have a change from their taste.
@jennbart (1330)
• Philippines
16 May 12
I think, if I own a pool, I will change it every 2 months to keep it clean and safe to swim in. Too much chlorine is also bad for the skin and hair,makes eyes redder too!