Disappointed with JillsClickCorner...

@Jul14nch0 (1414)
May 16, 2012 3:09pm CST
Right after receiving my second paymet, it started redirecting me to the "Create Ticket" section wherever I tried to go on the website. So I created a ticket and they responded me that my account was cancelled because I changed my geo-location to a "satellite provider". That's completelly untrue , I've never changed my location or internet provider, or used proxies or anything! I've also heard that other people got their accounts suspended too right after receiving the payment. I sent another ticket, hope they solve this issue as I liked the site. If they don't, I don't really care, it's they losing a daily clicker. What are your feelings about this website, has something similar happened to you? Or have you heard about people having these issues?
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• Chennai, India
17 May 12
I experienced the same thing previously. I got my account suspended twice earlier, and on opening a support ticket with reasons, they restored my account. (It's not happening after payment. It's done automatically by the system when it detects change in the country - that is mentioned in our profile and the country detected by the login IP.) Are you using Opera? If yes, that may be the problem. The Opera Turbo automatically switches ON, when it detects a slow connection. (Opera Turbo is a proxy.) I also believe that their IP database is not up-to-date. Hope you get access to your account back.
@varier (5692)
• Indonesia
19 May 12
A wrong accusation, I see. Yes, it also ever happened to me, but with different site. I tried to explain the situation and later they admitted their error. Lucky I can get my account back. Now let us just wait what kind of response that they will gonna say. I wish they can explain things well and reactivate your account :). Good luck :)
@zarasoc (110)
• Philippines
17 May 12
I am a member for several years already but I have been inactive for almost a year since I am busy doing something else. I can still access my account even I am inactive on it. I had experienced being banned before since I tried to verify one of my referrals account with them. That time I am not aware that they are strict with that cause they thought I was just making my own referral for the referral contest. I explained to them that it was mailed by my friend who seems she cannot verify her account so I open it on my computer. I send them evidences and clear explanation about it. After they had proven that I am telling the truth, they make my account active again but I am fined with $1 for it. I think you just need to send them some proofs if ever you can pass it to them and make detailed explanation why might it happen. And they will analyze if your ticket is valid
@superbadx (484)
• Malaysia
17 May 12
In my opinion. Some sites makes money out of doing this. And their answer is simple, whether you are not active, or suspected doing something illegal in their terms of conditions. Because they would not have to pay the remaining amount in the members accounts and at the same time keep their reputation clean by paying most of the members. Of course i don't know about this site since i am not a member of it. I suggest you to solve this problem with the admin.