lifeless without internet

@swapmind (355)
May 20, 2012 2:01am CST
it is rightly said "absence makes heart grew fonder".this statement is justified when for some reason your net connection terminates.oh ! life seems so still almost lifeless and makes us realize again and again how it has become a part and parcel of our day today life.
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@GemmaR (8517)
28 May 12
I work from home, and I need an internet connection to be able to submit all of my work. Because of this, if I don't have my connection, then the simple fact is that I would not be able to earn any money. This means that I do feel lost without the internet. Also, when my connection is down, it makes me miss a lot of my friends who I would normally be talking to on social networking websites, as I can't keep up to date with the things that they're doing. The internet really has become a huge thing in our lives, and I think that it is just going to be something that we have to get used to.
@swapmind (355)
• Australia
28 May 12
yep friend rightly we all have turned habitual to internet and we feel so detached from the world if not connected.
@ariq01 (100)
• Indonesia
8 Jun 12
i got bored if i dont internet on oneday .
@chiyosan (30184)
• Philippines
1 Jun 12
haha i can agree to this. for me when we lost the internet connection, it felt as though we need to be doing something because it was like when you do not have the net, you cannot do anything at all. weird but true for me as i feel that the lack of internet kept me bored with nothing to read.
• India
26 May 12
very true! without internet we are like fish without water... we are so used to internet that we are unable to live without it. we use this technology for many things and the most prominent activity is to socialize and now a day without internet socialization counts like a century!
• India
23 May 12
When internet connection disconnect,life always lifeless because today internet is most important part of human.
@sayo13 (414)
• India
20 May 12
ha ha rightly said my friend.this has become the nerve of our life and if by some way or the other you have to spent few hours without it then you are bound to get the sick feeling out of everything. well i cannot imagine an hour without internet in my life except the times when i am sleeping eating and cooking, else my work requires me to constantly stay online and when i am at home i need net for other purpose. you are right is saying that we feel lifeless without internet.