Some Words I Read Today

@welkin (106)
May 24, 2012 12:24am CST
I read some words which I think is very enlightened written by Bertrand Russel today.I want to share them with friends,below is the words: Three passions,simple but overwhelmingly strong,have governed my life:the longing for love,the search for knowledge,and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.These passions,like great winds,have blown me hither and thither,in a wayward course,over a deep ocean of anguish,reaching to the very verge of despair. So,what do you think of these words,mylotters?You can share anything that you want to say about them with me.
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• India
25 May 12
These words are quite good. Although looks simple, they are so vital in life. The thirst for knowledge and knowing about the world, I wish I had much of that interest. My friends tell me I live in dreamworld. But I have longed for love and found, and my parents and family are very loving and supporting, my friends too. Third one, like me, I don't want to make money and keep them to myself and enjoy seeing rest of the people suffer. I want to help them,at least , from my side.
@welkin (106)
• China
29 May 12
If you have dreams,you're not far from success.It's really nice to hear that you want to help people who are suffering. You're so kind.Best wishes to you in your life,friend.
@Judewang (93)
• Malaysia
25 May 12
Yeah .. what B.Russel is saying reflects what's inside every person, I guess. The longing for love is another way of saying that we are endlessly search for happiness which is an absolute good. The search for knowledge implies our hunger to arrive at the absolute truth and finally, the unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind is a restatement of our need to experience the beauty of life that suffering obscures. But yet, suffering is a fact of life, isn't it? So, if suffering is part of life then why does he resent it? I am not saying that people are masochistic ... but could it be that suffering is part and parcel of our growth towards self knowledge?
• Philippines
30 May 12
hai A figurative message. The feeling he had right now is describing our mother land seeking the right answers to all of the experienced of people living in this world,without adequate to address the problem,infinite occurrence over and over again like a broken plaque. A mother land that very eager for a real love and concern for peace He is very sad for what is happening according to his observation and experienced.. Let's start from us to furl our care and love to all GOD creatures, let's hold on tight with helping hand,.. Have a nice day