how strong is your family bonding?

May 28, 2012 4:47am CST
how could you say that you really have a bonded family? can you call it bonded even though you have no time for each other? can you call it bonded even others are not around?
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@fencer07 (98)
15 Jul 12
I do not think that there is a universal criteria for evaluating whether a family is bonded or not. Some may think that time spent together is a sign. However, some families become that much closer because they are so far apart. When I was away at college, I would talk to my parents more often than I did when I lived in the same house as them and had a busy high school + sports + work schedule. In addition, just because a family spends a lot of time together does not mean that they have very deep relationships with one another. In fact, when families avoid discussing certain problems that they have, they may develop superficial relationships within the family. For example, just because a family eats dinner together every night, they are not necessarily more bonded than a family that doesn't. I think that the best gauge of how bonded a family is would be the opinion of that member of the family. I think that my family is well-bonded, but my sister may not. It is only this way that you can evaluate your own situation with your family and determine how you can improve it.
@KrauseHome (36748)
• United States
16 Jun 12
Well personally the hard part is now a days people allow themselves to get so busy that they do not have the time to spend together like they used too. Now a days both parents have to work, and leave their kids to Day Care, etc. and then usually too tired to spend time with them except for making them do homework and then go to bed. There is No playing together of games, etc. like back in the day when I was growing up unless one parent can really be there for their kids. I still think family bonding time is important and the ones that take the time to make sure and do so, are the Better ones in the end.
@AugusYe (60)
• China
6 Jun 12
hello eihjaeiann ,so first i want to say i am very proud of my family and they are also very proud of me!!in my family,we have four member:my parents my sister and i.although my family is rather poor,but we love each sister and i are college students,and my parents try their best to meet our minimal need.and they never complain anything about the hard sister always encourage me to study hard to change the condition.and of course,we are all trying our best!!
@dorannmwin (36656)
• United States
4 Jun 12
I would have to say that my family is a lot closer than the average family for a variety of reasons. The first reason that I think that this is the case is because of the fact that my father passed away when my siblings and myself were children. Because of the fact that we were minus one parent, I think that we developed stronger bonds with each other. In addition to that, I lived with my mom and siblings and my husband and children until three years ago. That was when my husband and I bought our own house, but we still see them on a regular basis.
@GemmaR (8521)
31 May 12
We are very close as a family, and I think that we are very lucky to be able to live like this. We always like to spend time together and go on holiday together, and this means that we are not only like family, but we are also like really close friends as well. One of the things that upsets me is when you see people who don't get along with their family, as I think that it is very sad that you don't like the people who are supposed to be the ones who are the closest to you. My friend moved out of his family home as soon as he possibly could, but I am the opposite and am happy with my family so I know that I am going to be here for as long as I possibly can be.
@lady1993 (21871)
• Philippines
31 May 12
I think we are not so bonded.. we don't do that much things together.. since everyone is busy with their own thing. But we do eat meals together and talk about stuff sometimes.. and we go out sometimes too.
@megamatt (14323)
• United States
29 May 12
A very intriguing thing to think about and really all things considered, we are bonding pretty decently. We have our share of problems, as all families tend to a lot of the time. We really tend to rather be at each others throats a few times in recent memory, much like all families are. It is not the perfect vision of perfection like I'm sure many strive to be. However, in the end, when the cards are down, we are there for each other and that is what matters. If anything, adversity and working through the problems is going to make things stronger. If things were perfect, than the bond would be something that would not be as strong. At least that is what I would really consider. It is just something where when push comes to show, we are there for each other.
• Philippines
28 May 12
hai I can't hide my feeling so sad when reading or hear about a family bonding, because honestly speaking our family is not intact family specially when talking to my brothers and sisters, we have own life style. I am closed to my father only,, i was so happy for the family that bonded together,, have a nice day
28 May 12
I can say it's a bonded family when each member of the family love each other, helping each other whoever has a problem and never leave especially in times of difficulties. Just like us, we are not rich family but we are still bonded together. And I think it depends also on the parents upbringing to their children.
@mensab (4204)
• Philippines
28 May 12
i think the changes brought about by technology has made tremendous impact on how we see and understand our world. the reality of immigration and separation because of economic circumstances is a fact in this world. families are separated because parents need to work and children need to go to good schools. but the internet and social media have made our world interconnected. for me, it is still family bonding because we spend time together.
@visavis (5938)
• Philippines
28 May 12
In some way it is considered bonded even other not around like through telephone or chatting can know each other. But the real bonded for me is having physical attachment to each other means see each other. Like I did in my last vacation for the whole month together with them since I'm away for work through phone and chatting... see you around