Best way to stop smoking ? Anti smoking discussion My Way !

May 29, 2012 12:53pm CST
Hey there I smoked for over 8 years and stopped this bad habbit one year and 5 months ago , i used to smoke one pack one pack and a half a day , i always felt without energy , my breath was heavy (i only have 26 years old) I start smoking at the age of 17 years old , i tried a couple of times before that but never succeeded but at the age of 17 years old in high school , i start smoking , i enjoyed it at first but after 4 years , felt the consequences of smoking , heavy smoking , there was no day without a pack a day :) i managed to quit only once for 1 month and i thought that i will never manage to quit for a long time but SUPRIZE ! I managed to do this the day i went to doctor and did the Septal Correction of my nose , i had this issue thill childhood , an issue non related to smoking So i had to stay 2 days with bandages in my nose after these 2 days the doctor told me that i should not smoke for 5-7 days so my nose can be healed properly. So i`ve waited 1 week , 2 weeks , 1 month , 1 year , 1 year and 5 monts and still counting. My way was COLD TURKEY , what was yours , or a friend of your who kicked this bag habbit from his life ?
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29 May 12
Congratulations on being able to stop smoking after having smoked for many years. I cannot imagine how difficult it may have been for you. Did your Septal Correction procedure work out as you had hoped? I have never smoked, but nearly everyone in my family smokes. They have tried many many times to stop, without success. One way for someone to stop smoking may be to hire a hit man (or woman) to permanent injure a loved one (say, chop off one of their fingers) if they take another smoke. If they continue smoking, the hit-person could be instructed to kill their loved one. I know this is crazy...I am simply relating the premise of an old Stephen King short story. I guess once we find out what truly motivates us, our behaviors can change.
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29 May 12
Septal is good now , if you want to quit you will quit yes it is hard but if you really want it you can do it , i also wasn`t sure if i will make it , but when time comes you will feel that you need to quit , and will do it ! it`s hard of course you will feel the desire from time to time , but in 5-10 minutes will be fine if you are calm , or do an activity .....without fighting you can`t do anything :)