myLot application on Android will be better right?

May 30, 2012 10:44am CST
I am new to this site and seems to me that sooner, I will get addicted to this site, like what Facebook did to me years ago. I just hope they can design an APPLICATION for this so that everywhere we go, we can catch up with everybody here in myLot and discuss to the highest limit! I mean, like what they did to Facebook, right? Before we started with PC and Laptops then came in handy. I cant wait to hear whats on your mind too!
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@zausiu (610)
• China
2 Jun 12
In my opinion, Mylot is a traditional forum which pay users by their posts here. Mylot recommend users to post high quality text. To the term of High-quality, it's not expected to be short at least. High quality text can attract search engines to index more pages and bring more traffic to mylot. On the contrary, Facebook is a new style SNS site which put emphasis on building social relationships. Once the social relationship is built on Facebook, people are stick to it. Facebook in this way get high Pageviews. Maybe mylot should consider it seriously to develop some features coming from popular SNS sites.
• Philippines
3 Jun 12
You must be very educated on this. I was like reading in French, but thanks to you, at least in a simpler way, you made me understand a bit. Thanks again! I wish I knew these kind of things.
@zausiu (610)
• China
4 Jun 12
:-) I'm just interested in the rapid evolution of Internet. In short, mylot is a traditional website while Facebook is a SNS site. Haha ~ SNS is a buzz word in the present. You can search it if you have some interest. Have a nice day !
• United States
13 Apr 13
I'd love to see this on android also! The formatting if you use it on your browser is just too tiny to bother with. It's also been 11 months since you have posted, I take your addiction to this site was not too long were you accessing this site thru your phone?
@topffer (41850)
• France
19 Jun 12
There is already a free myLot for Android application available on SlideMe : It is better than to use a browser if you surf with a phone, but probably not exactly what you are expecting.