Warning! The Windows Care is a Scam!

United States
May 30, 2012 11:07am CST
I had been using my laptop computer without anti-virus software on it for a few days last week. I had also lost wireless capability for about a month, meaning every time I go online I have to plug in the internet cord into the adapter for my desktop computer. I had anti-virus software loaded onto my computer from my sister in law. It lasted for about a month but then I lost it last week for some unknown reason. I went to the Roadrunner website to log in but it wouldn't accept my login info., probably my password. So, I went online to look for free anti-virus software but none was available. I was going to get one @ Office Max on Sat. the day after getting my haircut & grocery shopping with my mother. After I got home, the phone rang & my mom answered it. It was an out of the area call. The guy had a Indian accent & I had to concentrate on what he was saying. He said he noticed I had trouble with my computer. How did he know? I asked who it was & he said it was Windows. I confused that with Road Runner & he said to go on my computer to help me fix it. He told me where to go on my computer - to the start menu & then after that I don't remember. But he showed me that there were alot of viruses & spam & malware on my computer & that he was going to let one of his technicians take care of it. He said the price could range from $80 to $180, depending on how much work needs to be done. I let him do that because I thought this agency was part of the computer package. After the computer was apparently fixed, he said it would cost $130. I thought it was high but the price to pay for so many problems. He said he needed my credit card to pay & that was the only method of paying. But he said that 'after' the work was done. I said I don't have a credit card but my mother does. My mother talked to him & refused to pay. He said we had to pay for work done. We wanted to get off the phone to call my sister who's a computer specialist & bought me the computer for Christmas. We wanted to to ask her if this Window Care was legitimate but the guy would not let us hang up or hold. I asked if he could undo the work done, he said no. If we did not pay, he said "we would take legal action." So, my Mom & I reluctantly agreed to it. We gave him the credit card information with reservation & nervousness. He told me to restart the computer after we hang up. I did & found the computer operating more quickly with no apparent problems. My mom called my sister & told her all about & she said she never heard of that place. I looked it up & it had phone numbers & information about it & terms/condition & privacy statment. She asked how they knew I had computer problems.I said I didn't know. I confused this with Road Runner. She asked if I gave out Mom's credit card #. I said yes & she yelled at me, telling me never to give out such info. This is probably a scam, she said. I was scared. I didn't use that computer that night. I saw that the Windows Care program was in my programs page so I got right off of it. I went on my desktop one & went to the Better Business Bureau website & typed "The Windows Care" & it was not listed. That made me believe it was a problem. I looked on the Internet & typed "The Windows Care." There were 2 links on it, saying it was a scam! I was shocked & scared about my laptop being exploited & my mother's credit card infomation being stolen. I told her about it & she called her credit card company all about it & her concerns. They said they would look @ every charge to her card after the $130 for Windows Care & see if they're taking advantage of it or if it's a one-time scam. She said there was no reason to cancel the card completely for now, but would watch the charges on her bill & call her about every charge to it. Meanwhile, the next day, after having about 2 hours sleep from being nervous about what will happen, I went to Office Max & bought the best anti-virus software on sale with 40% off - Norton 360 & loaded the CD onto my laptop computer. It loaded successfully but slowly. Meanwhile I removed the program off my computer & deleted it completely. I finally did a thorough scan of my computer & it removed any threats after a few hours of scanning. I also did a reputation scan & it resolved things too. So, my computer is safe. About my mother's credit card - it still is unresolved but we're grateful that the c.c. company will watch any suspicious charges to the account. I just wrote this to any myLot users or their friends or family about The Windows Care. It is a scam, but I found out 'after' they done work. The only problem we have now is the $130 charged to her c.c. account. Let my unfortunate but somewhat resolved experience be a lesson to any one who lets a computer be used without anti-virus for some time - what could happen. Anyone getting access to their computer somehow & offering to help fix it should not let it happen. It is a scam, not just Windows Care but ANY one of those companies. Be wary. Don't get trapped into giving your credit card # by threatning legal action 'after' the work is done. I learned that NO ONE should have remote access to my computer even if they really are offering help. Let this be a lesson to all who read this & don't know better. Spread the word about this scam, for your sake & your friends/family. I learned the hard way. Learn the easy way! Good luck!
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@JohnRok1 (2051)
31 May 12
The guys with Indian or Pakistani accents who ring you up to tell you you've got problems with your computer generally don't know, they're just bluffing. Norton 360 is a good package (you shouldn't have had to pay for it, it's only part of Norton Internet Security 2012 at £28), but the free Microsoft Security Essentials is better (especially if you use Windows Firewall). The only package that's better than the Microsoft Security Essentials is Bullguard at £17 (it gives you identity protection and Parental Controls, which you don't get on Security Essentials). Actually, I did let the technical support team for my printer control my computer. You can generally see if they're opening something they shouldn't, and I did run a scan afterwards and nothing untoward was found.
• Pakistan
31 May 12
Very informative and detail brief,these are the eye opening things should care of it, some unwanted program automatically installed at your computer when surfing the internet,so be careful !
@usemyname (640)
• Philippines
30 May 12
That was a pretty long read. Probably the Indian guy was the creator of the virus in your computer. What he actually sold you was his service to deactivate his bug, he just didn't tell you directly. How do you think he learned about all vital information about you? I've heard people do things like this. I feel sorry for people who fall for this scams. Well, at least, you learned something from this experience right?