United States
November 21, 2006 11:00am CST
The Abraham Lincoln Thanksgiving Proclamation was given in 1863. (I have been unable to post, but if you google it - it will come right up) I have asked 10 different people in the last two days and not one of them even knows what it is - let alone where the beginning of celebrating this holiday came from. Even my elementary aged cousins haven't been taught this in public school (of course because the word GOD is a no no in the public sector). It seems a darn shame that the ideas and principles on which this country were FOUNDED can hardly be seen in only a few years (200 give or take). Please read the proclamation, maybe read it to your family, friends, kids or someone you love at Thanksgiving dinner. Please remember what this country was founded on/by/for and give thanks for the blessings that this country has!
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