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November 21, 2006 11:03am CST
Is there a cure for migraine headaches. Please somebody tell me.
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@emeraldisle (13145)
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22 Dec 06
The best thing to do is to have doctors check everything out, especially a neurologist. Sometimes they can find the cause and fix it. Sadly for many of us they can't. Now my sister they managed to find something. She had migraines off and on for years but they got really bad the last few years, to where she was having them almost constantly. It turned out her carotid arteries were clogged and the blood wasn't going up there. She had surgeries over the summer and since then she's only had 2 migraines, a vast improvement. For some women migraines are triggered by hormonal changes, they start getting migraines with puberty and especially around the time of their periods. For these women after menopause it can get better. Overall though unless your doctor finds something that is causing them you pretty much have to learn to deal. Find out possible triggers and try to avoid them. That's about it.
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21 Dec 06
I have had migraines since I was in 7th grade, they are not usually severe but I have been down for a couple of days at a time now and then. The only thing I have found that can touch them is Excedrin migraine. And for those to work I have to take them as soon as I feel one coming on, you know when the pressure in the back of your head starts to build or right behind your eyes. I am not sure why they work when nothing else I have tried seems to, but they are the best if your stomache can handle them.
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1 Dec 06
I wish there was a cure. My wife has had migraine headaches for 23 years and they are not improving, in fact they are getting much worse. She has had so many types of treatment and tried many types of mediciation. Nothing works I will say this with 100% certainty: Migraines are triggered by things. These 'things' could be human emotions, foods, food additives, chemicals, dehydration, weather, etc etc. Everyone suffering from migraines has different triggers, and it's necessary to control the trigger if you want to control the migraines. Surgery is sometimes an option. My wife's doctors are considering a shunt to the brain or heart. This would be done to control (decrease) the amount of blood entering the cranial (brain) region.