EBay -NO MORE genuine ..........it suck me

June 2, 2012 12:41pm CST
I was scammed twice,first by the seller and then by eBay Buyer "Protection - what a joke that term is - like the InFernal Revenue "Service"! I bought a very high-end book with the exclusive publisher as the first two words of the auction and then he sent a cheap knockoff copy! After my complaints and opening a Buyer "Protection" case eBay did decide that the cra***y seller scammed me and had to refund my original purchase price and original shipping. damn!!However - I Had To Pay To Ship the Lousy No Good His Book AND Pay For Tracking Coverage Also - At MY Expense!
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@sasalove (1710)
• China
7 Jun 12
I don't buy things from e-bay, but taobao. Taobao is the same popular as e-bay in the domestic market. We can not avoid cheating from the real market not to say the virtual market. I am sorry to hear your purchasing experience from the Internet, but don't lose your heart on the e-purchasing. You could still dig out the good thing from it after your comparison and judgment. If the stuff is too low expensive, you should hit a question mark in your mind whether it is genuine. Really despise the cheating seller. I think the result for them is they could only getting the once business and bad reputation. Do you think so?
@Outcast (633)
• United States
2 Jun 12
Yeah, dont you just love Ebay. I dont deal with them either anymore. To much headache. It seems they are swamped with scammers now. I hate them taking advantage of people.