I want to be a Doctor

June 2, 2012 7:03pm CST
when you are a child, what do you think your first ambition or want to be in your life?, everyone of us says that they want to be a doctor someday , it is commonly to them children because they know that it is the best profession that can turn them to be successful in their life.
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@ruhizar (20)
• Indonesia
19 Jun 12
my first ambition.. i dunno, people, parents, teachers, kept telling me its good for me to be a doctor. but i've had several ambitions during my school years.. among them are kindergarten teacher, scientist, astronomer (coz i love stars), chemical engineer (coz i love seeing those color-changing fluids used by scientist in TV when i was a child, haha), landscape designer, and bla bla bla, u name it.. thank God now i'm doing my clinical years in Medicine. but still, i think i'll be a business person instead of being a doctor. :D :D
• Canada
4 Jun 12
I always wanted to be a Magician when I was a little kid, but alas it was just an illusion:)
@megamatt (14292)
• United States
3 Jun 12
I think every child goes through the phase when they wanted to be a doctor. And really only about a small percentage of people who want to be a doctor actually do live that dream. Of course, for many times it is a flight of fancy, much like an astronaut, a firefighter, or things like that. A job that sounds cool for an impressionable young mind. When you really think about it, when children think about something like this, they rarely think about all of the sacrifices and work it will take. And whether it is just something that they are really willing to do. There are many jobs that rather sound cool but there are just times where dreams tend to live and die until the next interesting thing comes along, without any care in the world.
@lady1993 (27225)
• Philippines
4 Jun 12
i don't really remember what i wanted to be when i was a kid.. I think it was childish.. since i always watched cartoons and otehr movies, i kind of wanted to be a mermaid and then a vampire.. I have no idea what profession i wanted to be, even now..
@ardoy0731 (7308)
• Philippines
3 Jun 12
Yeah I want to a doctor or nurse or teacher and lawyer are the ambitions that we wanted and always saying when we are a kid. I think mine was to be a doctor too that time hehe.
• China
3 Jun 12
i want to be a scientist , but it is not easy !! i think many children want to be a doctor because of helping others
• Romania
3 Jun 12
I wanted to be a leader, lol. I've always enjoyed leading, even if I'm not a leader. But, I like it when I have the chance to do so.