many partners

@nikki3 (172)
United States
June 9, 2012 10:34pm CST
Why is it that people have to have so many partners. I do not understand that. Me myself I am happy with one person. Some people are not happy if they only have one person. I do not get that. Do you get it? I know some one who like to sleep with so many people. I actually think that it is kinda nasty. I mean and like what do the girls think? I know they have to know that this person is sleeping with a lot of people as well. Do those girls have no respect for there self or something?
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@marguicha (208298)
• Chile
26 Jun 12
Even if you leave morals aside (as there are many ways of wanting to live), I know that it is a lot healthier to have a single partner. There are lots of illness that people get whren they sleep with a lot of people. And there`s no respect so the partners don`t always protect them.
@mikyung (2232)
• Philippines
10 Jun 12
I think that maybe, they have that orientation since childhood. They saw their Dad having an affair with other women or their mother having several men or with anyone of their relative - exposed with that situation. It registered in their mind that what happened at that time is right and proper. I know several acquintances of mine who has this issue, they told me that this is also addicting, they collect girls or boys - that's what they call it. It appears that in some cases, those girls who attached themselves to the "attached" one are just victims of the men's charm and they got blinded from reality.
@berting600 (3453)
• Philippines
10 Jun 12
Going out with so many partners does not mean that you are just playing the male ego to collect many girlfriends as you want it to be,but to collect them for comparison who is the best to win your love as the right woman for the rest of your life.I think this method is also true to women who likes the best from her collection of boy friends.
@swapmind (355)
• Australia
10 Jun 12
People just mess up their life by getting involved with more than one partner.One cannot be truthful to any of these people and nor he/she can be truthful to themselves.It is an act of deceiving and making play.I just hate this way of living.