Christina and Her Reality Show

@stealthy (8188)
United States
June 11, 2012 6:03pm CST
Here is what Alexis should do about this mess. She should either kick Christina and the show out or let Christina stay in the house and take her young daughter and move into an apartment that Christina and the show are banned from. I guess there are other alternatives. Sonny could have some thugs beat up the guy who is getting Christina to do it. Or every time they start filming her(Alexis) she could whip out a can of black spray paint and spray it on the camera lens; hey she can just say it is part of the show.
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@coffeebreak (17811)
• United States
14 Jun 12
I think it is so totally the dumbest storyline! But they got is from Y&R probably and the "Naked Heiress"..where the wealthy man in town's daughter was trying to make herself known on her own terms. This is just stupid. I mean, Kristina didn't think there was anything wrong with her father and mother mob business etc when she was growing up. That business got her everything she wanted and she never complained! But to come back with this...what Sonny and Alexis should have said was "fine...leave." and then made the storyline about how she fends for herself on her own without their money or status! That would have been a better story! This one is just plain stupid and dumb and mkes me want to turn the channel!
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@sunnflr (2767)
• United States
18 Jun 12
Exactly. I told my husband the same thing. Alexis should kick Kristina out. It's HER house that she signed the contract for filming to take place in, not Alexis's. Stupid that they keep going along with it. I know's it's just a television show, but it's supposed to be like real life, and this is definitely not. What parent would really put up with this mess?