Triond lied to me?

June 13, 2012 3:00pm CST
So I made a new article on the subject of Social Networks. I had wrote it personally, all by hand, using the article tool on Triond. Now some hours pass so I look to see if it was accepted or declined. It was declined so I look to see says it was found to copied from another source. What the hell? I wrote it all by hand, yet Triond claim it was copied. I copied the article, pasted it into Google, and looked for any similar matches, but didn't find anything. Why are Triond lying to me? Please share similar experiences, and how to fix them.
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@sirnose (2439)
• United States
13 Jun 12
Hi DiamondCardz, and welcome to mylot. You should never assume that your article or content is unique just because you wrote it from stratch. I always double check my articles with two plagarism checkers because I have found out that plagiarism checkers are not always accurate. I have also found just because you write it from memory doesn’t mean some other writer hasn’t wrote the same thing or use similar words. You should try several plagiarism tools and see if any of the article’s content comes up plagiarized. Here are some plagiarism tools I use to check my articles before I submit them to be published: Plagiarism Tool 1. 2. 3. These plagiarism checkers will list any phrases or sentences and tell which ones that match any other content on the internet. I tried theses plagiarism checkers on this response post and guess what some of the phrases or sentences match other article’s content and I wrote this from stratch.
14 Jun 12
Thanks! I checked it, and there are alot of matching words, even though I wrote it myself. I will try re-writing it, thanks for your help :)
14 Jun 12
I used two plagiarism tools (dustball and duplichecker), and nothing popped up except for Dustball, which said the word "TinyURL" was plagiarised, rofl. It detected TinyURL as a sentence, so maybe Triond found this as a sentence too and thought it was plagarised from various sites that mention TinyURL. I will re-edit my article and reply about what happens...
• Taiwan
14 Jun 12
I also face this kind of problem.Though the article is written uniquely by me still Triond refuses to publish it.But if i change some lines and again post it after fixing then it publishes immediately. Also if i change the category to some other option except "General" then Triond refuses to publish it. Now i have started categorizing all my article in General.
14 Jun 12
perhaps you write articles that have been written by someone else
14 Jun 12
I can't accidentally write an article that is identical to another persons. Think about it, how could I have wrote an article that is exactly the same as anothers? They may have the same topic, but not word for word.
@Devilova (5392)
• Indonesia
13 Jun 12
Maybe by accident, the word that you have used too much similarity with existing article in out there. They just using a software that check word by word. If you still doubt with them, try to use other article submitter like expertcolumns, bukisa, knoji, etc.
@Cutie18f (9555)
• Philippines
14 Jun 12
It is probably the system that tells them it is not original although it is. The system probably has read too many word similarities because I think the topic Social networks is quite popular so a lot of people have probably written similar articles.
• Delhi, India
13 Jun 12
basically if u have typed each and every word himself and not copied a single word then Triond can not claim it to be copied. well actually there is some type of mistake. u should post it again and then check what it claims. i have used Triond many times and i never got any such type of problem. They all use automatic software to detect whether it is typed or copied so there are a little chances of the mistakes. By the way take care.....
@shaqziad (655)
• Malaysia
14 Jun 12
I agreed with the previous comment. initially, i thought everything i wrote myself is mine. Then, when i post it, the site says it is copied from somewhere. Luckily, as i search, i did found the article that the site say as the origin of my article. the wording is indeed similar. Later on, when i write, i try to write in style that is different from normal writing. Sometimes you write it too lame or easy to write that it becomes too similar to other article. Come on, how many article on Social Networks were written out there? Even my lil sis test paper ask her "the effectivenese of social network in building students' confident".