@nikki3 (172)
United States
June 13, 2012 5:11pm CST
Well, I have been doing microworkers for about three weeks now. Does anyone know how the payment process works on microwworkers. How long does it take to get the pin number in the mail? Do you even have to wait for the pin number if you already have alertpay? any advice is great and Thanks a lot in advance.
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• United States
13 Jun 12
I had to wait for a out a month or more. They sent it but I never got it and had to ask again and had to wait some more. I finally got it. You can't get your pay till you tell them what the pin is.
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• India
14 Jun 12
I got my pin by post after about One month. I am from India.After entering the pin I received the first pay out within few days. I have already received two pay outs from microworkers and heading towards the third pay out. Microworkers is a legit earning task-site.
• Philippines
14 Jun 12
dont worry microworker sis a legitimate site they are paying,you need to have patience ,wait some other days to receive your payment.
• United States
14 Jun 12
Yep, you have to wait for the pin even if you have alertpay, I guess the pin help make it hardier to make multiply accounts. It took me about a month to get my pin number. From what I've heard it usually takes everyone awhile to get there pin number since I think they are sending it from overseas.....maybe. Other than that my payout request usually take a week or less to process so it really isnt that long of a wait time.