How does one teach or train common sense?

June 16, 2012 2:58pm CST
Alright, i admit, this topic is the result of my frustration on an incident earlier in my workplace. Unfortunately I can not divulge any information whatsoever for obvious reasons thus I can only in general analogies & made up specifics but nonetheless the context would greatly resemble the actual. So going back to the main issue, How does one teach or train common sense to your subordinates? Earlier on, i have one of my staff attend to a customer obviously was looking for something to buy but unfortunately this item was not available now in the store for sometime thus on many previous occasions during briefings, meetings, one-on-one coaching, etc. including the decision to call up and have the team lead speak in behalf should one encounter certain degree of difficulty. Proper communication or interaction with customers sensitivity were repeatedly played out or simulated for the staffs familiarization in dealing possible negative incidents that may manifest itself. In this particular time and scenario, for whatever reason, when the incident actually occurred to one of the staff the total opposite just happened. It was like looking at total stranger working among the team when the review or investigation was conducted. As of the moment, I am contemplating, letting go of the staff with extreme reservations as the said staff had been quite with the company for a while now. One of the nice guys to be around with, popular among his peers and hardworking too but had on many occasions manifested slower pick-up on trivial scenarios with customers. Once again, I'm not throwing in the towel yet to this staff only if I'm able to find someway to resolve dramatically the behavior, hopefully very soon. Can anyone share some insights?
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@yoyo1198 (3643)
• United States
18 Jun 12
I don't think you can teach/train common sense into anyone. Either they have it or they don't. It starts in childhood. Short of making up a seminar listing various scenarios and how you want them handled, I don't see what you can do.
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• Philippines
22 Jun 12
Thanks yoyo1198. I guess I knew it coming, I have only myself to blame I should have been really stringent during the hiring & probate process but certainly pink slips will be handed soon. All I can say then is sorry to have this happen. Once again thank you.
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@Hatley (164170)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Jun 12
hi lonwoulfe I think if one does not have it by now there's no way you can instill common sense into people who have no intention of learning common sense at all. watch the way employees treat customers and see for yourself those who use common sense to solve problems and those who do not have it do not get the problems solved at all. I wish I did have some insights to share but I really do not.the best I can suggest is watch for common sense in those whom you interview and hire only those who seem to have common sense.
• Philippines
29 Jun 12
You know, you're right, in the end when the door closes for the last customer & the lights were turned off there I was sitting in one of the tables pondering to myself maybe, just maybe it's me who needs the common sense of getting good people especially during the interview or selection stage . Many times over instinct, guts, premonitions, and what nots seems to come out at this early stage but I would just dismiss them as quickly in the name of fairness, equal opportunity, train will gain but then after about a year the obvious same thing that happened during the interview or selection stage still comes out. I guess I just have to be more consistent with the ideals of getting someone for the team, not overcomed by human emotions. Thanks for the share Hatley, you got me thinking really hard this time.