Poker Bots. Do they work?

September 4, 2006 10:02am CST
Heard of the infamous Poker Bot software which makes money poker players avoid certain tables? Do they really work? Can the poker sites detect them? Can a bot really beat a human player?
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• Hungary
15 Nov 06
Well. I also heard about poker bots but I don't think they can win lot money. Maybe they can won against totally stupid opponents but if somebody knows just a bit about poker than they are useless. I think this because I heard that people can write a program to beat professional chess players but nobody can write a software which would beat a professinal poker player because in poker there is lot of information which is hidden (in chess you know everythink -- you know which is the best move at any moment) so you can't count with it. I think poker bots are similar to poker card reader softwares which are also not too useful softwares (expect for beginers).
@Polarbear (397)
• Sweden
16 Oct 06
of course it can it was many years the first time a computer won over the world champion in chess
• Australia
8 Oct 06
i think party poker is the only "big" site that doesnt detect/ doesnt care about bots i think they work but are only based on statistics so a bluff or a bit of luck can destroy them they only work on certain sites also