reality shows

July 1, 2012 1:56am CST
hay everybody! During the last years there was a sharp increase in the amount of reality shows which are broadcast on our TVs, and take the place of quiz shows, and original TV programs. However, many people (including me) don't like them. Most of them are fake, trashy, and has no values to offer to the people who are watching them. I would like to hear your opinion in this subject: Do you or your families watch reality shows? Do you like them? If you do, what do you like about them? If you don't, what do you think makes so many people watch them?
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@dansazz (1058)
• United States
1 Jul 12
I can't stand them, think that they are really boring, and pointless. People watch them because they are more like reality then fiction, and that appeals to them. Not me, I'll take the fiction any day. I watch TV to be entertained.
• Israel
1 Jul 12
I think you are right. people may be attracted to the so-called "reality shows". The only problem is that there is no connection between the title and content of these shows!!
@simonelee (2716)
• China
1 Jul 12
I prefer watching TV series than reality show that are often scripted. Yes, TV shows skyrocketed for the pasta years and most of them are in prime time slot. I'm sick and tired of it since most of the channels are already into it just to compete their competitors.
@shay3434 (881)
• Israel
1 Jul 12
I agree with you opinion about reality shows. I don't watch them, and don't understand what many many others find in them. The problem is the big popularity of these programs. Many people watch them, and that makes TV channels and producers produce more of them, since the only thing they care about is there rating. Moreover, the large number of reality shows makes people like you and me watch them, since we have nothing else to watch! In my opinion, the only solution is causing a sharp decrease in the amount of the reality shows audience, and I don't see this happens in the near future.
@mensab (4201)
• Philippines
1 Jul 12
the popularity of reality TV shows is difficult to hurdle for TV producers who want to provide decent TV shows with values and messages. the reality TV shows are just mimicry of our reality which is often exaggerated and sensationalized to create drama and excitement. many people fall into this trap of watching a scripted reality. i do not buy into this trap.
@BabyCheetah (1911)
• Australia
1 Jul 12
I hate most of them personally and now after many years they are bringing Big Brother back, one of the worst reality TV shows around! But do you know why there are so many of these shows? One thing is for some stupid reason a lot have good ratings but if you think about it if someone came to you and said how would you like to be on TV but we won't pay you in return you will have your 15 minutes of fame. Would you say yes? A lot of people do and they make lots of money. If you make a TV show you need to pay your actors as they won't work for nothing. I wish people would stop watching the really bad ones so they never come back. I don't mind watching The Biggest Loser or sometimes Masterchef but that's about it. I dont' really see the appeal :(