Leave on Computer On to Make Money, How True?

@Chikezie (385)
July 1, 2012 7:13pm CST
There are programs advertised online that promises money only for one to leave his computer on and you nothing and see how you computer earns money for you. I wonder how legitimate it is and how reliable it will be also. It is true and your PC can make money for on autopilot. Whats programs can this be?
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2 Jul 12
Cash gopher only worked for a month for me and as others have said it wont make you rich. Infact no program that I can think of will make you 'rich' just having it running. I just started using Gomez Peer again after being deactivated a while back. It works in a similar fashion to Cash Gopher. Basically you just allow it to run (it uses Java) and over time you earn money. So far for this month I've earned $0.25 (bear in mind its now only the 2nd where I am) so for me thats not bad. Minimum cash out is $5 and sent to paypal automatically the month after minimum is reached. Last month I earned $9.47. SO again it won't earn you alot of money but hey $9.47 is better off in my pocket than theirs is my theory :)
2 Jul 12
i think there is no money generating site that will give you net income . Please always remember that you are spending for electricity . As long as it's just only a few dollars in few months, we will always be on the losing end.
2 Jul 12
As true as that statement about electricity vs earnings I do earn enough here and there in other ways to cover the cost my electricity costs. Lately due to rendering my machine has been on almost 24/7 hence why my earnings with gomez are somewhat higher compared to only running it a few hours during the day whenever I'm online anyways. So next month or possibly even this month yes it will be a lower earning. But still its better in my pocket than theirs. Remember also you can run it on more than one machine. That will help earn a little more.
@asdomencil (4270)
• Philippines
2 Jul 12
I don't know about it. Mylot has its cash gopher but I don't know ho it runs. they said that you can earn while your computer is idle. I don't know if it is true.