Apple accessories are quite expensive and cosy.....

@ardoy0731 (7251)
July 1, 2012 8:43pm CST
Good morning folks. I just notice and wondering that apple accessories are quite expensive like the products that they are selling. Like the screen guard for iphone that cost almost 20 dollars for front and back. Even their bumpers and casing that almost cost 30 dollars and up. They do sell good quality, attractive and nice accessories but quite expensive and cosy. Maybe due to its brand that's why they selling it that much. Maybe they should sell a bit cheaper lol. But still there are lots of people buying.
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• Philippines
26 Aug 12
The price of the apple products justifies its quality except for their earphones. Their earphone easily breaks. But there are also goodreputable brands or third party brands that works fine with apple products. Also when it comes to cases, i only buy the imitation of speck capdase and other brands. When it comes to cases sometimes its just the same as the original brand. The only difference is that they dont have warranty.
@youless (98208)
• Guangzhou, China
2 Jul 12
I agree with you. Sometimes I think that Apple is a luxury brand. The Apple products are already very expensive, however, their accessories are also costly. And this is why I am not interested in buying Apple products. There are other good brands, too. I would like to choose the right one rather than an expensive one. I love China
@xtinelee (3377)
• Singapore
2 Jul 12
Well, there is a demand for it, that is why there is a supply for it. You can always go for the cheaper alternative from other shops and not buy from them.. because there will always be people who think that they provide the best quality and buy it from them. However, it is not always true.
@PageTurner (2825)
• United States
2 Jul 12
Hello ardoy0731 From the 1980's to the 2000's, I only owned Apple computing products. I greatly enjoyed their products and ease of use, but they were rather pricey. They seem less expensive today, but I just can't justify their cost anymore. I saw something online about an Apple designed automobile. Have you seen this?
@minmin45 (166)
2 Jul 12
This is so true. Ive seen a protective case for iphones tht cost 90 bucks, that is way too expensive, if you bought 2 you could almost pay an ipod touch! I had to buy their earphones so many times, my cat eats all earphones and I went to the store to buy a new set.. 60 dollars! Apple really needs to lower their prices.