why are some people so stupid?

United States
November 21, 2006 2:15pm CST
I was just sitting here and heard some guy outside screaming so I looked out my window. He was trying to turn into the driveway that is between our building and the bar next door (he was trying to deliver something to the bar). Well downstairs from us is a preschool (yes next door to the bar) and it is pick up time for the kids. Well some moron parked right in front of our driveway. It is obviously a driveway and is marked by yellow along the edges of the curb. They guy refused to move and just sat there in his car waiting for his wife to get their son. The delivery guy just sat blocking traffic waiting for him to move. They sat like that for over a minute waiting. Then the wife comes out and puts the kid in and takes her sweet time. At least she put him in his carseat for once. Normally she doesn't (I have watched these people before because I am usually waiting for my daughter's school bus when they get their son). Then the guy slowly pulls out like he did nothing wrong. Why are people so stupid? If there wasn't a place to park he should have drove around the block or something not block our driveway. They do it all the time. One day I was waiting for my husband to get home and almost called him to tell him some moron was parked in the driveway. They pulled in then got out, leaving their car in the driveway and were gone for about 10 minutes. People do use the driveway. All my neighbors on the property park back there and we need to be able to get in and out of our parking lot.
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@lalav1 (1056)
• United States
27 Nov 06
There seems to be lots of idiots out there. I have a couple of pet peeves. I can't understand why a person would sit right in front of you or right next to you in the movie theatre when there are tons of other places they could sit. My second pet peeve is when you go out for lunch to a restaurant by yourself,(like during your lunch break from work) and a person sits right across from you, facing you and it feels like they are staring at you while you eat and there are lots of other places they could sit!!!! The least they could do is sit with their back to you. Is it just me or does this make anybody else uncomfortable? I think some people have no common sense and others just don't care about other people.
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• United States
28 Nov 06
I hate that too. Or when you are on a bus and half the bus is empty but they sit right next to you for no reason. Makes me nervous. I really don't like idiotic people, especially the ones that know they are doing something stupid but refuse to stop because they are so stubborn. That same couple I complained about I have watched many times. Last time before that I watched them pick the little kid up (about 3 years old) they had 2 older boys in the car with them. One looked 9 and was behind the driver seat with his seat belt on. The other was about 6 and was in the middle seat, no seat belt. Next to him, behind the passenger seat was a carseat, presumably for the 3 year old. So what does the moron do? She brings the 3 year old out and makes the 9 year old take his seat belt off and squish in next to the 6 year old so that the 3 year old could sit in the seat and put the seat belt on. It didn't fit so they just put the shoulder strap behind him. I just don't get it. Why not use the carseat if it is there? Before at least 1 of the boys was safe and the middle one could have put his seat belt on. After none of them were. The little one was way too small to not be in a carseat and neither of the older ones was buckled in anymore. I wish they would have been pulled over and gotten a ticket. Kids are supposed to be in carseats until they are 8 here.
• India
2 Dec 06
bcz they dont know what they doing
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