When did you like Maroon 5 more?

United States
July 11, 2012 4:20pm CST
Maroon 5 is a rather popular band. Some people that listened to them long back prefer their older music than the modern songs. Which do you prefer? Their old songs, or their most recent recordings?
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@doroffee (4226)
• Hungary
11 Jul 12
I like all Maroon 5 eras, but as much as I love Moves like Jagger, I like their earlier era more. Now they are a bit more cookie cutter, American-top40-friendly... earlier they had more of an edge, a more rockish vibe. Now I feel as if they have more generic pop bases (except for Moves like Jagger and Stereo Hearts, but the latter is a solo work of Adam)... I just don't get Payphone's popularity.
@monkmano (585)
• Canada
12 Jul 12
yes, why is payphone popular do any of the kids now use payphones? or even know what they are? lol i think this song is in the wrong time.
• United States
12 Jul 12
I have to admit I find Payphone catchy but that's very true!
3 Dec 12
well i prefer the older ones!like she will be loved and this love.and i like their music videos too.and the bonus factor of them being famous aside from their music is their vocalist. Adam is so hot isn't he?!?
@eltobh (231)
• Indonesia
15 Jul 12
I prefer their earlier songs, to be honest. Not that I don't like their recent one, but the old ones sounded more rock and more exclusive to me :)). They are coming to my country in October for a two-day concert, so I cannot wait. The first time they were here (last year) , all tickets were sold out! I do hope they will perform as good as they always are.
14 Jul 12
I definitely prefer their older stuff. I love the Songs About Jane album. I do like their newer stuff, but its not as good as the older stuff. I have a lot of lovr for Adam Levine
@nadrolski (220)
• Philippines
14 Jul 12
i like Maroon 5 on their earlier days, because they sounded more "rock" during those years. recently, i feel their genre have completely shifted from rock to pop rock and i am afraid soon they will be a pure pop band (but i hope not and they returned to their root genre). but still, i love Maroon 5 as long as i listen to their old tunes like "This Love", "She Will Be Loved" and "Won't Go Home Without You".
@monkmano (585)
• Canada
12 Jul 12
I definitely prefer their older songs, i think moves like jagger is catchy but that their old music is actually decent music! i think this resurgence is just riding off the back of adam levines tv show the voice.