World War III WIll End In Less Than 24 Hours .....With Very Few Surviving ....

@Ganesh44 (5547)
July 12, 2012 4:00am CST
Dear Friends With good number countries in the world owing nuclear capability I think that world war three will end in less than 24 hours due to the massive destructive power of nuclear weapons ......... I m afraid since right now world is being polarized and getting ready for world war 3 world war three can begin soon........... Hare Krishna Ganesh
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• China
12 Jul 12
Hey Ganesh44, I don't think the world war 3 will happen, even there's war in some places it will be solved by peace. And I always think the reason of quarrel between people is misunderstanding maybe it is the same between countries?
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• China
12 Jul 12
Yes if all countrys use the nuclear power,our planet will become nothing. But the good thing of nuclear power is every one know its terrible effect so no one willing to use it,from this point of view,nuclear power bring the peace to us,do you agree with me?
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@rsa101 (37836)
• Philippines
13 Jul 12
Well not looking into that time. We will see how this super powers will tolerate one another to trigger this from happening. But I just continue my life like there is not threat at all. I would not waste my time thinking of that since it will just waste my time from the worries and fears I will have in my life which is a waste of time.
@MsTickle (25180)
• Australia
19 Jul 12
Seen one nuclear war - seen them all.
@Pose123 (21635)
• Canada
12 Jul 12
Hi Ganesh, It is true that humans have the ability to end all life on this planet,however, the hope is that it will not be used. I don't believe that there will be a world war III, although no one can say with certainty. I believe that there is a change in consciousness coming, indeed already started, that will birth a new and more highly evolved human species where the emphasis will be on cooperation rather than war. Blessings.
@ptrikha_2 (44505)
• India
13 Jul 12
Indeed, If such a massive war were to take place, there would be a very big damage. And use of nuclear weapon would mean mankind reduced to the stature of insects and the way of life we have would cease. The survivors would be in much worse shape, and incapable of doing much. However, the fear of the nuclear weapons could also be a factor in preventing such a war, since all the countries know its grave consequences.
@ElicBxn (63160)
• United States
12 Jul 12
we thought that back in 1963... I fear that India may well become embroiled in another war, but I doubt if WWIII will actually start.
@vasu90k (70)
• Malaysia
12 Jul 12
It's clear that World war-03 will end in no time due to the great destructive power of nuclear bombs. But I'm sure that there won't be another world war as the leaders of the most powerful countries are intelligent.