the abandonment

@0310mg (73)
July 12, 2012 5:10am CST
it's a poem that i would like to share to you. "When one is abandoned, there is a feeling of loss; the abandoned may feel pain - for a season. The one who does the abandoning, however, may feel the pain for a lifetime. The pain may be silently hidden behind bright eyes and a glistening smile but the pain is still there. The abandoned one becomes stronger and the one who turned their back may feel weak and live with regrets, what about?" Betty vonLiebermann --for quite some time I grieved when my father abandoned us, it was then that I realized he suffered much more than what we've been through.
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• China
12 Jul 12
People's greatest virtue is forgiven. Life is gathering and scattering,the most important thing for us is to cherish now, cherish what we have!
@missjahn (4577)
• Philippines
12 Jul 12
yes - i feel for you. but don't you worry, time will help you recover and heals you. whatever odd feeling we have in life because of bad experiences are some addition to be like a spice to make it more tasty. you'll see, there is always rainbow after the rain means happiness is just waiting for you after the pain. life is just like a vice versa. today your happy and day afterwards loneliness is there. but whatever vice versa would that be there is always daylight after the darkness of the night. just pray for guidance. God bless you.