July 12, 2012 12:10pm CST
Today there are so many tough challenges which are faced by students. Tough competition is one of them. Is it may be from different competition based exams which test the quality and do appropriate selection. But the question arises what will be the future of an average student as the competition choose only excellence.
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@rivakwa (56)
13 Jul 12
Exam based competitions should not be feared,they are need to bring out the latent qualities in us.It is also a way of life. As for the future,any student that has been facing this type of competition should know that the future is bright.Don't people know that exams if passed can lead to increase in salary or wages and in turn contributes to good standard of living? Please have an open mind towards exam basede competitions
@mensab (4200)
• Philippines
12 Jul 12
schools are designed to make children learn skills and knowledge. school provide rewards for those who learn fast and well. and they exert more attention to those who lag behind the expected learning. as we know, competition brings out the best in each of us. average students can improve their standing by exerting more efforts to compete and be at par with the excelling students.