"I was at a loss"

Innocent School guy - School guy
July 12, 2012 2:29pm CST
I was in Form 1 when i got fever in the class my class teacher(Brother) asked me not to have rice for lunch but to go to the hostel and get some bread from there. I told my class teacher that i don't like to have lunch with the boarders as i was not used to them (I was a day scholar).So he asked me to tell the brother in charge of the kitchen that a sick child in the class needs some breads. When i told this to him he asked me to bring the sick child to the hostel so, that he could have lunch there.Then i was at a loss and i had to tell him that i was that sick child. At last i had to sit with the proud borders and take lunch with them although I was too nervous to do it.
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