Using resources with care.

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July 12, 2012 3:25pm CST
Things that are found in our surrounding and useful for life are resources. They can be naturally formed or made by man. A special feature of resources is that they exist in limited amounts within the society. This shortage of resources is due to the over usage of them. When the mineral resources are used up they get reduced. This may be a problem for the future generation. Most of the vehicles work with mineral oil. Imagine the situation that would arise in future if mineral oil gets reduced and exhausted.
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@jaraan (193)
• Philippines
12 Jul 12
Hell Vasu! We are already suffering the consequences for that. Global warming, Earthquakes, Flood, Hurricane.Volcanic eruption etc.etc, these are not natural anymore. These are what you've just said, a naturally formed or made by man! All of us are already suffering from this.. It is time for the Government to take these matters seriously but even the United States and Leading Countries around the world disagreed to the United Nations to lessen there Oil consumption. For now all we can do is to Pray..
• India
13 Jul 12
Nature gifted us a lot of good resources and we are using it for our living. Day by day the population is increasing and we use the natural things a lot. Some people using it unnecessarily and wasting them. We must surely avoid this kind of activities. As we must save the natural resources for our next generation, so we must use it in a limited manner and avoid unwanted usage. Too much usage of the natural minerals will results in lack of the resources. Natural things are for every one and we must keep it in our mind and use it in a limited manner to save it for our next generation. Already man spoiled a lot of natural things for his own benefits due to this activity we are suffered with global warming and other unwanted issues. We must take an oath to care about the natural resources and keep it safe for our next generations. We need petrol and diesel for our vehicles, day by day the consumption of petrol is high and it is in high demand, so only the cost of petrol is raising gradually, we must use petrol in limited manner and save it for our next generation, otherwise, they are in need to buy it with more expensive than the present stage.
• Malaysia
13 Jul 12
Limited resources must be used with utter care. Otherwise the future generations will have to suffer from it. So it's our duty to used them in a limited manner. The use of mineral oils is in abundance all over the work. The governments in most of the countries must see to this and take steps to avoid the great consumption of mineral oils, as it's a limited resource.
@suzzy3 (8342)
12 Jul 12
You are so right we must all be careful with our natural resources.The most I can do is turn of lights in daylight.Use a different wash cycle or buy as much as possible second hand.I go to the charity shops on a regular basis buying things that are still good and function well instead of buying brand new saving energy that way.There is so little the man in the street can do but if we all save a little it will make a difference.I recycle everything and don't waste a thing.After a while it becomes a way of life and is not a chore.As for saving on a large scale it is down to big companies to do their bit.Sainsburys who my husband works for has eco shops with solar panels,grey water tanks,they generate electric for the stores by cars driving on the carpark sends fibrations through to the generator not to sure how it works but it does.It is difficult for some companies do they get rid of the workers or invest in green energy.Unfortunately we all need hospitals ,old people homes,shops which all need electric if we shut them all down the consequences would be immense.We will just have to go on looking for a better way to heat our homes,run our cars and live our lives.There are electic cars,solar panel,wind turbine,wave energy so people are trying it just takes time.Good discussion I enjoyed this ,hope I have not rattled on for too long.