Do - It- Yourself

Farmer - vegetable farmer
July 13, 2012 1:23pm CST
In our day-today lives we face many situations which need to be handled differently. By knowing the correct way of handling situations nothing can possibly go wrong. The same way if you know some Do- It- Yourself techniques to be used in your daily chores, life will be much easier. You will become a hero ! For example growing your own fruits and veggies means lower grocery costs. There's no denying that all fruits and veggies taste better when they are fresh.
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@subhojit10 (7375)
• India
13 Jul 12
Hey i totally agree with your point. Each individual has a lot of potential and ability that could make him different from every other person in this world. He just needs to understand his strengths and weaknesses.
• Malaysia
14 Jul 12
Hi friend , Yes i agree with you. Everyone has his own strengths that will help him to achieve his goals. They need to understand their strengths and weaknesses as well. Life will be easy if we handle the situations in a correct manner.Getting our own work done by ourselves gives us much pleasure as well healthiness. "Man is born to labour and the birds to fly"
@squallming (1775)
• Malaysia
26 Mar 13
If we know how to handle arising issues in our lives, we will be able to have a smoother and happier life. As for growing crops, it will not only taste better and healthier when you are the one growing without overuse of pesticides, you can also ake a huge profit out of agricultural business. So if you switch yourself from a consumer become a seller, you will probably have a very different life. Think different and do differently.
@oindy54 (3445)
• India
13 Jul 12
I agree if we adopt such techniques we can be very strong on our own. We can stop depending on others or other things. The example you mentioned is a very nice one. I wish we had space enough to grow our own fruits and vegetables. I would have loved to do that. But unfortunately we are living in a metro city where every inch of space is filled up with new building everyday. One do-it-yourself technique I have adopted is to make my own face scrub and Vitamin C serum at home so that I do not have to buy them from the market. Moreover, I know the ingredients I am using and can have more faith in them than what we buy from stores.
@louievill (28943)
• Philippines
13 Jul 12
hi, I'm a DIY person too, right now I'm in the process of building my own small wind turbine that I built entirely from scrap, I'd probably post pics and start another discussion soon as I finish cutting the propellers and bolting them to the hub, I agree with you that something from your own labor seems to be sweeter, I'm hell bent on lowering our electric bill which BTW is highest in Asia without compromising the comfort of my family, I wish you luck and wish me luck too