why do people get divorces?

divorce - why is divorce widespread?
July 13, 2012 10:18pm CST
There are so many poeple that get divorces. I hear that the divorce rate in their country is pretty high. Do you guys know the reason why? Why do people get divorces? Happy mylotting.
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• Philippines
26 Jul 12
Maybe it's [usually?] because some couples rush in to things, thinking that it's already the right moment for them to tie the knot. And in the end, one or both of them realize that it still is the other way around: they really aren't much prepared for that moment. That, they thought they were in love, but if they were, then their relationship shouldn't be relying on love alone. Furthermore, some could tend to get marry, having the thinking that if they get tired, they could get divorced afterwards. However I am not very much sure of this, it's only an observation, or perhaps a speculation. :D
• Philippines
25 Jul 12
i think there are a lot and different reasons why husband and wife choose to end their marriage. as what i always heard, third party is the common reason of it. it's sad because it only shows that infidelity problem in marriage is so true and destructive. it is scary, because divorce means failure in marriage, and nobody wanted it to happen. it is heartbreaking to see someones marriage fail. i am really praying that it won't happen in my marriage.
@lady1993 (27240)
• Philippines
14 Jul 12
I have observed that in some countries, the divorce rate is high too. There are a lot of factors that can lead to this.. One is early marriage, they may fall out of love later on if the marriage was rushed, due to obsession or pregnancy.. or forced or arranged marriage..cheating can be a cause too.there are still hundreds , maybe.. but couples should always try their best to stay together especially if they have a family already.
@jgirap (210)
• India
17 Jul 12
which country you are taking about ?? there are so many reason for taking the divorce ,but main reason is that we are not fulfill with the love which we should get from our partner ,and we lost our sense of compromising with the situations
@monkmano (585)
• Canada
19 Jul 12
i dont think divorce rates should go down, how about cut the marriage rates? people get divorces because something was wrong in their marriage and they need to do this to be happy instead of live in a marriage unhappily.
• Indonesia
14 Jul 12
usually in my country, people get divorces because they cheated to their husband/wife, and oftenly got some fights on the house or on the phone. that things made them feel uncomfortable with their couple. the basic is same just like a couple were dating and they're fighting then a couple months later they broked up. true story bro, you know, girls are complicated to me