July 15, 2012 4:40am CST
The sun during the day, at night the stars shine attitude is that the universe itself is a magnificent America! In the yellow stars of the month the sun of the universe, we are the best male and female! Is to make your own beauty to be seen, so we have to practice meditation of the "beautiful mirror" front of the mirror, looking at herself in the mirror, confidence, has the power to say to yourself: I am the most beautiful, I was the most beautiful, I was the most beautiful! Said to himself, until you feel to look in the mirror inside is a happy, joy, or is the heart seems to have been opened as very acceptable: I am the most beautiful! In fact, the real beauty is not external, but that the inner life is absolutely sincere; want to share Master Sheng Yen's words: "Do not care about what people think you just consider yourself to be sincere, humble, tolerant and willing to dedication. "so, as long as you are so sincere with yourself, you are the most beautiful people!
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• India
15 Jul 12
I also agree to your point that the inner beauty is more beautiful than outer's. Like after fighting with yellow bluish flames of stern fire, gold is purified. Likewise the inner beauty is your soul which is passed through all conditions of hardship and results into a beauty. Your soul defines your personality, versatility. Its shows a pure connection between your lovable heart and sharp mind.